Shane is a Nashville native who has been teaching in Metro Nashville Public Schools for the past 19 years. He started woodworking as a hobby about 15 years ago to have an outlet for creative expression. Getting advice from his father, who made wooden bowls from the lumber from his father’s land, he started making wooden shelves and cabinets. This heirloom wood provided fun family gifts with a nice touch of heritage. As this hobby grew he had an opportunity to start making high quality ink pens with many different styles. One day while working with walnut wood he turned the center out of a bowl and noticed it resembled a cigar. After researching the size and shape of many cigars and spending time with several enthusiasts he made the first cigar pen. In the process of making more pens he found it necessary to create each pen to the exact size and shape of the cigar he was duplicating. This would be a nice touch for the knowledgeable enthusiast who would appreciate authenticity and craftsmanship. Shane Kimbro is a husband and father of three children currently residing in Spring Hill, TN.